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Best video editing software of 2017

Whatever you want to do, and whatever your budget, we’ll pick out the best editing app for you.

The best free video editor 2017

Cut, combine and edit video clips with professional-quality software that doesn't cost a penny.


A high-quality Usenet service which is also affordable – is this too good to be true?

The best free antivirus 2017

Which free antivirus suite will make your PC safest and annoy you the least?

The best free media player 2017

Get more from your movies and music with the best free media player for Windows.

The best free system utilities 2017

Delete junk files and optimize software settings for a faster, more efficient Windows PC.

The best free audio editor 2017

Edit podcasts, make soundtracks, create ringtones and convert files with the best free audio editing and mixing software.

The best free antivirus 2017

Which free antivirus suite will make your PC safest and annoy you the least?

The best free email client 2017

Aggregate your emails, read messages offline, and manage multiple calendars from your desktop

Hottest tech explored and explained


ExpressVPN makes setting up your virtual private network a relative breeze.

The best free PC backup software 2017

Reliable backup software is essential to protect your data from viruses or hardware failure. These are the best options.

The best free text editor 2017

Everyone needs a reliable text editor, so we've picked the ones that offer the best balance of features and convenience.

The best free Skype alternative 2017

It's good to talk – and even better if you don't have to pay with these free video chat apps for desktop and mobile.

The best free photo editor 2017

Enhance your images with advanced manual editing and smart filters – completely free.


This Usenet provider has been around for ages, but does practice make perfect?

The best free software for writers 2017

If you're an aspiring novelist, this free software will block out distractions and help you commit your ideas to the page.

XS News

Is this Netherlands-based Usenet provider up to scratch?

The best free VPN 2017

Keep your browsing private, protect your personal information and disguise your location with a secure free VPN client.

The best free music player 2017

Organize and enjoy your music with intelligent tagging and playback options that make the most of your hardware.

The best free anti-malware software 2017

Protect your PC from the growing threat of malware, and safely remove any infections to protect your privacy.

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