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Oracle supports FCC in net neutrality rollback

Oracle has voiced support for US communications regulatory agency Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai's plan to roll back its net neutrality rules.

Apple, Google, Facebook skip legal challenge to new travel ban

Apple Inc, Alphabet Inc's Google and Facebook Inc are among more than 60 technology companies that appear to have backed away from the legal fight against U.S. President Donald Trump's controversial travel ban.

WikiLeaks offers CIA hacking tools to tech companies - Assange

Wikileaks will provide technology companies with exclusive access to CIA hacking tools that it possesses so they can patch software flaws, founder Julian Assange said on Thursday, presenting Silicon Valley with a potential dilemma on how to deal with the anti-secrecy group.

Mobile app lets you drape clothes before buying

Hyderabad-based startup Trupik Virtualisation has developed this app, where one can get to virtually drape clothes on a 3D replica of himself.

U.S. tech titans lead legal brief against Trump travel ban

More than 100 companies, including most of high-tech's biggest names, joined a legal brief opposing President Donald Trump's temporary travel ban, arguing that it would give companies strong incentives to move jobs outside the United States.

Third of global consumers open to Google, Amazon banking -survey

Roughly one in three banking and insurance customers globally would consider switching their accounts to Google, Amazon or Facebook if the Silicon Valley giants offered financial services, according to a new survey on Wednesday.

Top Tech leaders to join Trump’s Technology Summit

As of now there hasn’t been any confirmation on how many tech-leaders will attend the summit, but Elon Musk may skip the event due to some work obligations.

Is China already the innovation powerhouse?

With the recent changes made in the government policies and the major investment in the R&D sector, China has set the stage to be the innovation powerhouse

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