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LG has looked at the popular phone manufactures, ditched the more outlandish design and created a rather handsome device.

LG G7: what we want to see

The word on the LG G7 is mum, but that hasn’t stopped us from thinking about what we want next year's flagship to be.

LG to launch G6 on April 24 in India

Days after Samsung launched its flagship devices Galaxy S8 and S8+, its South Korean rival LG will launch G6 with the unique 18:9 screen aspect ratio in India on Monday.

The LG G6 is poles apart from the LG G5: Here's why

The LG G6 is the company’s brand new flagship that’s currently in the process of reaching the shelves. But how much of an upgrade is it compared to the predecessor?

LG gram 13

LG’s gram 13 has the specs and longevity to compete with the top of the line laptops, however it falls short in build quality.

5 Best camera phones under Rs 20,000 in April 2017

Selecting a smartphone with great camera under a budget is a pain. To ease this pain, we have listed some impressive camera phones under Rs 20,000 for everyone.

You can now get the LG G6 in the UK

While many stores are still in the pre-order phase, one website has stock of the LG G6 already.

LG V20

The V20 is proof that other flagship smartphones just aren’t interesting enough, but it’s not without a few problems.

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