Zebronics ZEB-UFO Review

Affordable price tag of Rs. 2999

By Kanishk Karan | Jan 10, 2017, 12.36 PM IST


While the Zebronics UFO looks appealing and offers decent performance for the price, there are better options out there such as the JBL Go. 


  • Good design with minimalistic color toning
  • Comfortable handset
  • Multiple connectivity options


  • Default Treble to Bass sounds rugged in speakers
  • Call quality over the cordless handset sounds grainy
  • Connection isn't always stable
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Zebronics has a range of speakers which come with affordable prices. ZEB UFO is one in the segment which comes with a price tag of Rs. 2,999. The Bluetooth speakers come with its cordless handset and it looks good in terms of design. Let’s get into the details of device in our full review.

Zebronics have a variety of cool design speakers – Mushrooms, Dino and Amplify. The ZEB -UFO is like a hybrid version of the classic flying saucer and conical disk like the ones commonly spotted in conspiracy theory based videos. With speaker device size of 3W x 2, and overall dimension 190 x 190 x 60 (LxWxH) mm the product can perfectly fit in your room and office.

It’s subdued design and low-key color profile makes it a good fit with any surrounding.

The back speaker has a memory card slot, a micro-USB port for charging, an auxiliary socket and a USB Type-A port. The cordless handset however dulls out on the look with low quality plastic finish on the number pad to dial and has that old classic cordless phone curvature to it, which aligns well with the face.

Without digressing much, the toggle to switch off and on is on the lower vertical end of the speaker. The speaker has a 1200 mAh battery and an additional 200 mAh battery is in the handset.

There are three toggles on top of the handset which can be used for connecting call or playing music, while the other two are simply used for changing the volume. The tiger orange lighting on the handset helps you in locating the cordless phone when lights are dim. Also on the pitch dark colors the volume the lights lend that extra appeal to its look.

The ZEB UFO package includes an aux cable and a Micro-USB cable for charging the device.

To check performance, we kept three round tests. We connected three different phones – Moto X, Samsung S5 and ASUS Zenfone 3. The songs tested on the speaker are – Dat Adam - 100 main St and Bon Jovi - Born Again Tomorrow. The speakers’ sound quality is so poor that the quality of the songs seemed like 128kbs which originally were of 320kbs.

If you’re an ardent listener of (rock, metal or djent) distortion based genres then this speaker is not what you’d expect to deliver.

Treble to bass ratio is messed up so playing any audio file sounds grainy. Jovi’s vocals on the track Born Again Tomorrow sounded like Big baby D.R.A.M. – Broccoli. Don’t go for it if you’re a fan of Himesh Reshamiya as the high pitched vocals over the speaker end up becoming noise. And, for the bass lovers you should know the speakers have almost no bass. Overall, the speakers are decent if you just want to root for volume, but if you want quality, it doesn’t deliver much.

The connectivity is not good; connecting the phone on handset or Bluetooth speaker mode has some problem, with irregular audio delivery. The other problem is the call quality over the cordless handset which is a bit snarly in process and sludgy in quality. Even at the highest volume the quality of voice is poor over the phone and another drawback is the mic, which creates a lot of trouble as the person who is on the end of the call (receiver) can hardly listen to what you’re speaking.

Having said, the speakers and handset together are good enough given the price range.

Zebronics UFO looks appealing and is decent in the price range. However, this is not good enough in terms of performance and you might rather want to go for Mi Bluetooth Speaker and JBL Go which are also cheaper.

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