TodayInTech: Launch of BHIM-Aadhaar, Google's Areo app, Uber's Lyft stalking, Microsoft's Kaizala, & more

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By Tech Radar India Bureau | Apr 13, 2017, 01.56 PM IST
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Andhrites can now directly reach CM via ' Kaizala ' mobile app
The people of Andhra Pradesh can now directly reach out to Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu through their smart phones by downloading the app called Kaizala. The app is developed by Microsoft that enables interaction with a large number of people at the same time.

Modi to launch BHIM-Aadhaar payments platform on Friday
Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch the BHIM-Aadhaar digital payments platform to boost the digital payments revolution on the occasion of the 126th birth anniversary of Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar, on Friday. BHIM-Aadhaar, the merchant interface of the BHIM App will pave the way for digital payments by using the Aadhaar platform enabling each Indian to pay digitally using their biometric data on a merchant's biometric-enabled device like a SmartPhone with a biometric reader.

Global semiconductor revenue to up 12.3% this year
Global semiconductor revenue will total $386 billion in 2017 -- an increase of 12.3 per cent from 2016, says market research firm Gartner. Favorable market conditions that gained momentum in the second half of 2016, particularly for commodity memory, have accelerated and raised the outlook for the market in 2017 and 2018.

Uber built a secret app to stalk Lyft drivers, says report
Uber reportedly made secret software to track Lyft drivers. The software reportedly showed which drivers were working for both companies and so they can lure them away from its biggest competitor. The system has opens Uber to potential legal issues.

Pokemon Go players are happy, friendly, says study
Pokemon Go players are more likely to be positive, friendly and physically active than non-players, says a new study. Players of the wildly popular mobile game "catch" wild, virtual Pokemon creatures lurking in places like parks and public buildings, and train them to do battle against one another. The researchers wanted study the effects of augmented reality games -- like Pokemon Go -- that make use of mobile technology to lay the playing field and rules over the real world.

S. Korea asks Facebook to help prevent 'fake' news
South Korea's National Election Commission asked US social network giant Facebook to help prevent the circulation of fake news that may affect the outcome of the upcoming presidential polls. The request was filed in a meeting with Katie Harbath, Facebook's global politics and government outreach manager, Yonhap News Agency reported.

Apple working on sensors to detect diabetes
According to a report by CNBC , a secret team of biomedical engineers at Apple is working on an initiative to develop sensors that can non-invasively and continuously monitor blood sugar levels to better treat diabetes.

Researchers at IIT-Kharagpur develops tech to unlock encrypted data
IIT-Kharagpur develops a solution to access encrypted data on cloud server with keywords, without the need for decryption nor compromising the security of the system, a statement said . The solution is pragmatic in the sense that it allows analytics on the encrypted data itself, it said, adding that this eliminates the need to decrypt the data or compromise system security.

Manipal University to have masters degree in cyber security
Global Education Services of Manipal University has tied up with Deakin University of Australia to offer the post-graduation courses and short and long-term training programmes in the specialised subjects. University would offer post-graduation course (Master's degree) in cyber security and data sciences from the academic year 2017-2018 at its centre of excellence here, said an official on Wednesday.

Adhaar ecosystem should be made more secure, experts
Recently, IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad stated that Adhaar is totally secure and cannot be misused. But experts have a different opinion about the Adhaar ecosystem. "There is a need for addressing newly emerging legal and cyber security challenges concerning Aadhaar ecosystem on an urgent basis," said Pavan Duggal, one of the leading cyber law experts in the country, during a conference on Aadhaar, its legalities and challenges here.

H-1B visas help uplift welfare of Americans, says study
The H-1B visa allows US companies to temporarily employ foreign workers in specialised occupations. The number of these visas granted annually is capped by the federal government. A new study has found that foreign computer scientists granted such visas have helped increase welfare of Americans. The researchers found that the high-skilled immigrants had a positive effect on innovation, increased the overall welfare of Americans and boosted profits substantially for firms in the IT sector.

Google releases app for food delivery, home services
Google has introduced an app called Areo , for food delivery and home services , currently live in Bengaluru and Mumbai on Android devices. The app lets users search for local restaurants and home services like electricians, plumbers, and painters, and schedule their deliveries or appointments through the app, the company said. The app also provides customer reviews of the available companies, eateries to help you make informed choices from product quality to timeliness of service.

Microsoft to hold hardware event on May 2
Software giant Microsoft will hold a hardware and software event in New York City on May 2, but it is unlikely that a Surface Phone or any Surface Pro device will be unveiled. The software maker has started emailing out press invites after weeks of rumours over Microsoft's plans, according to a report by Verge.

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