5 Technology trends to look forward to in 2017

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By Kanishk Karan | Jan 3, 2017, 11.03 PM IST
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It seems that 2016 was a dedicated year for innovation –from PSVR to iPhone 7 to Google Pixel. We expect 2017 to be a year of several transformations as well driven by innovations in tech.

Here, at TechRadar India, we have compiled five trends that will captivate your attention in the year 2017.

1. IoT
Connection is the key to growth. The latest trend of digitizing everything mainly by providing a ‘sense’ to objects so that they can react is precisely what IoT is all about. Imagine yourself playing with your refrigerator or controlling washing machine from a far distance without actually worrying about it. Not only IoT might give you toggling advances and features to control your home appliances but it will also allow you to have a better understanding about your object.

It is clear that in near future convergence of IoT with Artificial Intelligence (A.I) will revamp the existing definition of objects to ‘smart objects’.

More than 50 billion devices are expected to be connected to the internet by 2020. Leading analysts are touching what could be the tip of an iceberg. It is very much clear that post-2020, we can see personal and professional things interconnected to make lives easier.

2. Big data
You might have heard about big data recently, but the concept has been around for many years. Big data is the way forward in analytics which will transform businesses. The idea is to use vast ocean size of data that is floating online to better anything from medical treatments to marketing campaigns. The edge that Big data gives is the way it’s been objective, or to put it right, quantitative.

Not only it will help in furthering the research methods but will help in reducing costs by storing large amounts of data based on cloud services, while identifying efficient ways of doing business.

3. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
2016 was a year of AR and VR with so much technologies intersecting at the same time. Games like Pokémon Go (AR), and Oculus Rift headset (VR) defined the way technologies have potential for the year 2017. With more games turning up, based on the two technologies, the gaming market is expanding like never before.

In Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2017, it is very unlikely that second generation VR will make appearance but new PC-based VR headsets from HP, Asus or Lenovo might just be possible.

Leading smartphone company Apple is also looking forward to these two technologies.

4. Automation
Automation is everywhere, and why wouldn’t anyone look forward to it, when it simplifies lives. From robotic journalists that might someday reach a potential to win Pulitzer Prize to self-driving cars that will reduce accidents-- automation will merge with machine learning to provide efficiency at a whole new level.

However, automation will create its own repercussions – loss of jobs (at a massive scale) to dependency (lowering the general work quotient of humans). But currently people are looking forward to the future of automation.

CES 2017 will have a big showdown of different self-driving cars. Let’s just hope we keep the negative aspects in mind while focusing on a better world.

5. On demand
The on-demand ‘behaviour’ of users have changed the economic activity lately. The consumer behavior which is partly influenced by digital services like Uber and Grofers, has changed radically.

The only thing about ‘on demand’ technologies is neither it is a short term trend nor it’s an alternate one. The ‘everything on demand’ behavior is dominating other services like telephone based or window shopping.

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