Wipro 'sacks' hundreds of techies for non-performance

At least 600-700 employees sacked in 2016-17

By IANS | Apr 21, 2017, 03.07 PM IST
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Global software major Wipro "sacked" at least 600-700 employees in fiscal 2016-17, ostensibly for non-performance or not rising to its expectations, said a company source on Thursday.

"Attrition takes place every quarter when employees leave voluntarily for various reasons or involuntarily when asked to go for non-performance or not measuring up to the expectations during appraisal," a Wipro source told IANS on condition of anonymity.

The source, however, declined to specify the number of techies "sacked" in the fourth quarter (January-March) of the just-concluded fiscal (FY 2017), as the company was in "silent period" ahead of its results on April 25.

Asked how many employees left involuntarily in the quarter (Q4) or during the fiscal under review, a Wipro spokesperson said the company made a performance appraisal regularly to align its workforce with its business objectives, strategic priorities and requirements of its global clients.

"Our performance evaluation triggers actions such as mentoring, retraining and up-skilling. The appraisal also leads to the separation of some employees from the company and their numbers vary from year to year," the spokesperson said in a statement here later.

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