Microsoft’s Cortana voice testing its way to India later this year

Battle of voice

By S.Aadeetya | Jul 21, 2015, 02.22 PM IST
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'Welcome to India' this is what most of us are going to be saying later this year when Cortana finally supports voice-assistant features in the country. The feature that works on Windows supported device is also expected to be available for users on Android and even iOS in the foreseeable future .

Cortana is the Microsoft's version of competition to Google Now from Google and Siri, which has become part of Apple folklore. The feature will be available to consumers with access to latest and most anticipated Windows 10 operating system, which will be hitting devices later this month (the ones who are part of Windows Insider program).

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"Cortana, the personal digital assistant for your PC, tablet, and phone, will be available to Windows Insider Program participants in even more areas soon. So, in addition to the existing set of markets (US and UK among others) the Microsoft voice-assistant will be debuting in countries like Canada and India among others, supporting English language."

Microsoft is banking on the launch of Windows 10 which is why the new OS will be unleashed to global audiences across 15 cities in the world, including India on July 29.

We already know about the features of the newest Windows OS and with Cortana set to reach Indian market as well, things are looking better than ever for the software giant. Not sure about the launch date of Cortana in India but stay tuned more to come on the voice front.

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