WhatsApp text status is back, here's how you can get it

Update still not available to all

By Sudhanshu Singh | Mar 20, 2017, 07.50 PM IST
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Our beloved instant messenger WhatsApp has been making headline from quite a while now. Reason being the freshly added status feature like Snapchat and Instagram. Some users responded in favour of the new feature, while some got upset about the missing old style status update. Well, the good news is that the text ‘Status’ feature has finally made a comeback to Android.

To get the talked about feature on Android smartphone, users can update their WhatsApp application to stable Android v2.17.107 from the Play Store. However, the return of the text ‘Status’ feature does not affect the all-new Instagram like status, it is indeed right at its place. Once updated to the latest version, users will see their last text status appearing again. It can be changed to any customized status/message or to the old Available, Busy, Can’t Talk or WhatsApp only kind of presets.

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Although the feature is already visible on the Android app, the iOS rollout is still a mystery. To use the old Status feature, click on the three dots residing on the top right corner inside the WhatsApp interface. Click on the ‘Settings’ option and then tap the profile picture, you will see an option- ‘About and phone number’. Under the ‘About and phone number’ option, you will find the text box where you can enter your status.

Apart from whats happening with the ‘Status’, WhatsApp is reportedly testing the ability to add GIFs directly through Google’s Gboard keypad. The GIFs feature is available only for WhatsApp beta 2.17.110, that is available through APK mirror.

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