Meet Alrawi ,ISIS’s encrypted Android messaging app

Misuse of technology?

By Surbhi Chawla | Jan 15, 2016, 06.09 PM IST
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According to the Ghost Security Group (GhostSec), ISIS has now come out with an Android messaging app in order to escape from the eyes of security agencies. The app is known as 'Alrawi'.

It further claims that the app is being used by the terrorist group for communication. It can be used on Android phones and comes with encrypted communications features with the help of which the members of the terrorist organisation are able to exchange messages and other digital communications without raising an eyebrow.

Thankfully the app is not listed on the Google Play store, which means people will have to search it and side load an apk to be able to access it. In the past, apart from the social networking sites, ISIS had been using Telegram, WhatsApp and Tumblr to communicate with its user base.
Currently, ISIS is the most dangerous and barbaric terror organization in the world. It has resorted to different means like kidnapping, killing, beheading, and hacking of social networking sites to spread its fear across the globe.

GhostSec is an affiliate of the hacking group Anonymous. Post the terror attack in Paris Anonymous had launched targeted attacks on ISIS. They had hacked Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram accounts belonging to the ISIS members and even taken to the streets of several American cities to protest against these terror monsters.

Anonymous had also urged the people to celebrate 'ISIS Trolling Day' on Dec 11, 2015. This app from ISIS seems to be a counter strategy of ISIS.

(Image Credits: Indiatimes)

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