The LG G6 is poles apart from the LG G5: Here's why

Massive upgrade

By Chethan Rao | Apr 21, 2017, 05.37 PM IST
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There’s no doubt that the LG G6 is an exciting flagship. It’s common sense that a new device will be leaps and bounds ahead of the predecessor. But given what we’ve seen from the mobile industry in the past, this is not always the case. Our global team has already done an in-depth comparison between the two handsets, and we suggest you have a look at it.

I personally feel that the LG G6 is a massive upgrade compared to the G5. Here’s why.

Design changes
LG made some major design changes with the G5 last year, bringing a modular design to the fore. Keeping this in mind, one would have imagined that the company will use the same design with the G6 as well. This clearly wasn’t the case as the company rejigged the design yet again this year. Gone is the modular design as LG is going with a more robust body this time around. This allows LG to bring water resistance to the device.

The G5 used a 16MP + 8MP dual camera setup on the back, whereas the G6 comes with two 13MP sensors. This means the camera quality should be slightly more balanced and improved compared to the predecessor. The lack of optical image stabilization is a bit of a concern, however.

LG is using a 3,300mAh battery with the G6, which is a massive upgrade compared to the 2,800mAh unit on the G5. Last year, LG had to make a big sacrifice in the battery department to accommodate the modular design. But since the G6 doesn’t have a modular body, LG could allow for a bigger battery to be in place. This will no doubt enhance the battery life to a great extent, which is a prerequisite for a modern day smartphone.

This one’s a bit of a no-brainer actually, but the G6 is going to be significantly more expensive than the G5. But taking history into account, we expect the handset to depreciate in value in a few months from now. This is mostly due to the pressure LG sees from rival manufacturers in the industry. With the Samsung Galaxy S8 already a fan favorite, LG will have a tough time ahead in trying to keep the buzz going for its new flagship.

I personally feel that the LG G6 is a smartphone that would suit practically every user, irrespective of their usage patterns. But if you already own the LG G5, it probably doesn’t make sense to upgrade just yet. On the other hand, if you own a rival flagship, you can certainly give the LG G6 a try as it comes with a completely different user experience and features.

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