Samsung Galaxy S8 could land on February 26

Coming soon with two lenses

By James Rogerson | Oct 10, 2016, 02.28 PM IST
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With all the drama surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 you might think Samsung would bring the launch of the Galaxy S8 forward, but apparently that's not happening, with the latest rumor suggesting an announcement on February 26.

That's the day before MWC 2017 starts and is a very believable date, as Samsung launched the Galaxy S7 the day before MWC 2016.

It also comes from a somewhat reputable source. @Ricciolo1 tweeted the news and while they're not as prolific as some leakers, they accurately predicted the Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge launch date.

According to the tweeter, this date is confirmed, and it's the date we were predicting anyway, so you can probably safely put it in your calendar. However, with the Note 7 disaster still playing out, everything could be subject to change.

Lighting up your photos

We've also heard a lot of rumors about the specs and features of the S8, including the possibility of a dual-lens camera, which is now looking more likely, as two new trademark registrations, spotted by , describe a 'LightUp Camera' and 'Light+ Camera', designed to enhance the brightness and clearness of images taken in low-light environments.

Secondary sensors are often included to capture more light, so there's a good chance that these registrations are for a secondary sensor, and while the Galaxy S8 isn't mentioned, use with smartphones and tablets is, so Samsung's next flagship is a prime candidate.

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