Aaron Sorkin wrote Steve Jobs on four different Apple Macs

Jobs himself would be proud

By James Peckham | Nov 9, 2015, 08.00 PM IST
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Steve Jobs, the latest attempt to adapt the founder of Apple's life for the screen, was written on four different versions of the Apple Mac.

Aaron Sorkin, the man who wrote the screenplay for the new film, told techradar: I wrote Steve Jobs on four different Macs. I have a desktop at home, a desktop in my office and two MacBooks."

He wrote the screenplay across all four devices using screenwriting software called Final Draft.

Just the Jobs

However, Sorkin admitted he's not particularly tech savvy and still regularly uses his iPod Classic to listen to music on the go.

"I have an iPhone in my pocket," he said, "I still listen to music on my iPod. I like the clicking wheel. It's the classic one, in black. And I just love that wheel. Steve really did know what he was doing."

An adaptation of his life being written on the iconic computer that Jobs created would be a huge deal for the man himself - as if he didn't have enough of an ego.

Sorkin's adaptation of Walter Isaacson's biography hasn't made any new records at the box office, but it has done well critically. The film has even been tipped for several nominations in next year's Oscar season.

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