Facebook rolls out its own journalism project

To deepen collaborative relationship with their news partners

By Mastufa Ahmed | Jan 12, 2017, 11.01 AM IST
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The social networking giant finally owned up to its role as a media company as it rolled out a journalism project. The company is serious about making a mark in journalism by connecting people and making sure that a healthy news ecosystem and journalism can thrive. The new program called The Facebook Journalism Project marks the official beginning of a tech company which aims to establish stronger ties with the news industry.

Facebook will now collaborate with news organizations to develop products and work with publishers to help people stay informed in the digital age. The company will build new tools to draw in audiences and deepen engagement with news content. With no clear product roadmap as of now, the company will for sure bet on publishers to fortify its connect with their subscribers.

Facebook Live has become an instinctive way to share breaking news. Last month, the company announced partnerships to help fact-check stories on its site and weed out the fake entities.Recently, Facebook hired former TV journalist Campbell Brown to lead news partnerships.

The news came in amid the rising tensions around fake news and Facebook's role in distributing them. This project will begin soon in partnership with publishers including The Washington Post and Vox, according to New York Times.

This is the company which has already created havoc in the advertising industry, with online ad dollars now being increasingly spent on the social network and Google. With its own journalism project, the company comes even closer.

The Facebook Journalism Project will work in three ways. Collaborative development of news products, training and tools for journalists and training and tools for everyone, says the company.

"This is just the beginning of our effort on that front — we have much more to do. The Facebook Journalism Project Page will serve as a hub for our efforts to promote and support journalism on Facebook, and we’ll update you on our initiatives," says FB blog post.

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