Apple releases Bash bug patch for Mac OS X

Now you really won't be Shellshocked

By Michelle Fitzsimmons | Sep 30, 2014, 03.40 AM IST
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Apple has released an OS X patch addressing the Bash bug, also called Shellshock.

The bug, discovered last week , could affect UNIX-based operating systems, Mac OS X included, potentially letting hackers overtake vulnerable operating systems.

Though Apple said last week that the vast majority of OS X users were safe by default, it assured it was working on a security patch for more advanced UNIX users. That fix has arrived today.

Downloads of the patch are available for Mavericks , Mountain Lion and Lion . Note you'll need to download the Bash update for whatever system you're using as each is system-specific.

According to 9to5Mac , Apple will likely issue a patch through the built-in OS X Software Update tool before long. There is no patch for anyone running OS X Yosemite .

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