Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal won big during the festive season

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By Chethan Rao | Oct 10, 2016, 02.45 PM IST
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Now that the early October shopping frenzy has concluded, the e-commerce retailers have posted their accomplishments for all to see. It seems like all three major players like Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal have seen impressive sales during their respective sales.


Starting with Amazon, the company has reported that it saw a high number of Prime subscriptions during the sales period. This is no surprise given the kind of benefits Prime comes with. It should also be noted that Amazon had slashed the subscription rates significantly in order to attract a wide range of customers.

Amazon also said that 1 in 3 orders that were shipped belonged to Prime subscribers, speaking volumes about the company’s newly launched priority delivery service. Televisions saw a growth of 25x on Amazon, while mobile sales saw a massive surge as well, selling 5x more than usual.


The tech sphere had high expectations from Flipkart and it seems like the company lived up to it for the most part. The company apparently sold 100 phones every first hour of the sale and 20 women’s tops per minute, while one set of headphones were sold each second.

Flipkart was kind enough to share some of the highlights from its sale:

• 100 phones were bought every second in the first hour of the sale
• Customers added around 50 million items to their wishlists
• Flipkart on an average sold one headphone each second
• 20 units of women's tops were purchased each minute
• The total number of TVs purchased from Flipkart during the sale can cover 6,000 cricket pitches cover to cover
• Total weight of all packages is close to 15 million kilograms and 30,000 executives are involved in fulfilling all the orders
• Garments and curtains measuring a total of 5.8 million metres or 5,800 kilometres were purchased during the sale
• The storage space in memory cards and pendrives Flipkart sold in its festive sale totalled 8 million gigabytes or 1 petabyte


Snapdeal mentioned that it saw a customer increase by 4x compared to a regular day, suggesting that there was plenty of demand for its products as well. The retailer mentioned that nearly 11 million items were sold during its sale period, thus concluding what has been a widely popular festive season for all the retailers. Further, nearly 50% of all the orders were said to be prepaid, while the number of women who shopped on the site supposedly increased by 40% compared to last year.

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