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5 Things I would love to see in Gmail Inbox

  • It is one of the most used app that by business users and even by personal users. Calendar will help Gmail users to insert schedules, set reminders, follow up on dates and events. If Gmail integrates the Calendar app in Gmail on web, iOS app, Android app or Windows app, it will surely benefit its users to save a lot of time and effort.
  • It is not very common but some e-mail providers offer this service on paid basis. Using this service, you are easily able to track complete delivery details, date and time of opening, geographic location of recipient, and many such details that helps to keep a track of your e-mail.
  • Similar to what Snapchat offers for your photos and videos, we are waiting to have the same control over the life of our e-mails when sent to someone. Although there are services like Dmail, which allow you to self-destruct mails after a specific period of time, still there is no native add-on until now.<br /> <br /> There are tons of uses that come out of this feature. Once added, it will surely turn out to be one the the most useful options out of all the add-ons.
  • A feature that we use almost everyday with our morning alarms can turn out to be pretty useful for our e-mails. Snooze basically silents the reminder for a particular time until it pops out again. This will allow you to hide an e-mail until you want to see it again in your inbox.
  • Gmail already allows you to access your Google account contacts on inside your Gmail. To get a complete list of contacts saved on your Android phone or any of your Google device you can simply click on ‘Gmail’ button placed on top of ‘Compose’ and open the contacts.<br /> <br /> To make it a little simple for the users, it would be best if Google includes a one tap add on to the Gmail compose window itself. It will help users to add contacts on their mails, and refer the quickly to save time.
  • Here are the alternative Chrome Extensions that can help you get the jobs done.<br /> <br /> Calendar- Checker Plus<br /> <br /> Tracking- Yesware Email Tracking<br /> <br /> Self-destruct- Snapmail<br /> <br /> Snooze- Snooze Your Email<br /> <br /> Contacts- FullContact for Gmail<br />

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