Pokemon Go tips and tricks guide

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By Dom Reseigh-Lincoln & Matt Hanson | Sep 12, 2016, 02.57 PM IST

Pokemon Go guide

Pokemon Go tips and tricks guide
Pokemon Go tips and tricks guide

We're still obsessed with Pokemon Go here, and we've been working (well, playing) hard to bring you the best tips and tricks to get the most out of this addictive mobile game. Even in the short amount of time Pokemon Go has been available, the game has seen many new updates which add (and also take away) features, so this Pokemon Go tips and tricks guide is constantly evolving.

Keep checking this guide as we add more tips and tricks while we continue to play Pokemon Go. We've already added loads of new Pokemon Go tips and tricks since the release of the game. We've also added a new video that compares some of the most popular smartphones to see how well their batteries last while playing Pokemon Go.

We've got 40 top Pokemon Go tips and tricks to transform your smartphone into a veritable Poke portal.

Completely new to the world of Pokemon? Then check out Pokemon Go: A complete beginner's guide , which will show you how to get started.

If you encounter any problems while playing, head over to our how to fix Pokemon Go problems guide for information on how to solve them.

28. Save data by using offline maps

Pokemon Go tips and tricks
Pokemon Go tips and tricks

Pokemon Go pulls map data from Google, and if you download your home and work areas on your phone via the Google Maps app it will improve the performance of Pokemon Go. You phone won't have to keep constantly redrawing your surroundings.

Open up the Google Maps app, select the Settings menu (shown by an icon with three horizontal lines) and tap on 'Offline areas'.

Press the '+' icon then use the map to drawn a square of the area you want to download, then tap on 'Download'.

This will mean you won't burn through your mobile data allowance quite so quickly, and it can help save your smartphone battery as well while you play Pokemon Go.

29. Throw a Curve ball for extra XP

Pokemon Go tips and tricks guide
Pokemon Go tips and tricks guide

Pokemon Go gives you plenty of unique ways to capture Pokemon, and this way will help you level up much faster.

When you're about to catch a Pokemon, hold down on your Poke Ball and spin it in a circular motion with your finger. This will create a curve ball, and if you hit and capture a Pokemon with this move you'll gain some extra XP.

30. You can even change your name

Change nickname
Change nickname

Not a fan of your Pokemon Go nickname? It's not too late to change it. Be warned though: you only get one chance to switch it so choose something you want to keep for life.

Remember all other Pokemon Go players are likely to see your name whenever you take over a gym so choose something you're happy with.

To do it you need to go to the Settings tab within Pokemon Go and press Change Nickname. You'll be given a warning about how you can only do it once and you'll be ready to change your name to whatever you want.

31. Use other people's lures to catch Pokemon

Pokemon Go tips and tricks guide
Pokemon Go tips and tricks guide

While playing Pokemon Go you can increase the number of Pokemon who appear near you by either using Incense or a Lure Module, which attracts Pokemon to a Pokestop.

Incense only works for the person who activates it, and no one else can see it, but Lures work for everyone. While playing Pokemon Go you might see other player's lures, and these can be seen on the map, represented as confetti.

To use another player's Lure, just hang around near it, and you'll soon find extra Pokemon without having to use one of your own!

32. Keep an eye on your Sightings


While playing Pokemon Go you'll see Pokemon icons (or their silhouettes if you've not encountered that type before) in the bottom-right hand corner of your screen.

This shows you nearby Pokemon. Tap on this area to bring up the larger Sightings menu, listing all the Pokemon near you.

However, while you used to be able to see how close a Pokemon is to your current location by the number of paw prints underneath them (the more paw prints they have under them, the further away the Pokemon is), since update 0.31.0 you can no longer see those footprints - which weren't always that accurate.

If you want to catch a specific Pokemon, then use this tip to make the most out of the new Pokemon Go Sightings system.

Keep the Sightings window open while you walk around and keep an eye on all of the Pokemon icons it displays. If the Pokemon you're after has an icon in the Sightings window, and it suddenly disappears, then it means you're heading in the wrong direction. Turn around and move back to where you were until the Pokemon icon reappears. You then know you're on the right track.

33. Ensure your Pokemon are the strongest


Ok, so this is where things get a little deeper, but stick with us and we guarantee you'll end up with an unbeatable Pokemon army.

As you should know by now, every Pokemon has a CP (Combat Power), that dictates how strong it will be in battle. What you don't see are the hidden base stats that make up the CP, which are attack, defense and stamina, along with what are known as IVs (Individual Values) that help determine how these base stats vary from one Pokemon of the same species to another.

The IVs range from 0 to 15 for each stat, and the higher the IV of each, the more powerful that Pokemon has the potential of becoming. This means you don't want to waste time powering up a Pokemon with low IV, even if it currently has a higher CP than another.

So how do you determine a Pokemon's IV? It's not straightforward, but thankfully some fan-made solutions are available, including this one on the fan site Sylph Road .

These calculators let you enter information about an individual monster and then produce a calculated IV and how it fares to other Pokemon of the same species. Oh, and Pokemon that come from eggs have a higher chance of having better IVs.

34. Level up your team's gyms


As well as capturing other team's gyms you can also battle your own gyms to level them up. You'll be limited to using just one Pokemon, but for each of the monsters you defeat at the gym you'll build up the gym's XP.

Once the gym has enough XP it will level up, which unlocks more slots for Pokemon to defend it. Either you can then leave one of your Pokemon there or else another member of your team can do so.

Once your gym is impenetrable you can sit back and reap the coins that will come your way as a defender's bonus.

35. Time your lucky eggs

Lucky Egg
Lucky Egg

Short of filling up your Pokedex, evolving Pokemon is one of the activities that will get you the highest level of XP.

You can take advantage of this fact by saving your evolutions for when you have a lucky egg activated. The item, which you can find at Pokestops, doubles the XP you get for half an hour.

So rather than transferring all the low-level Pidgies you're no doubt accumulating, try evolving several of them right after activating a lucky egg. If done right you should get 1000 XP with each evolution and be levelling up in no time at all.

36. Level up for rewards

Pokemon Go tips and tricks guide
Pokemon Go tips and tricks guide

The more you play Pokemon Go, the more XP you will earn. After earning a certain amount of XP you'll level up, and each level brings new rewards.

Up to level 10 you need to gain an increasing number of XP points to level up, and the amount increases by 1000 XP each time. So, for level 1 you need 1000 XP, level 2 needs 2000 XP and so on.

The first couple of levels give you extra Poke Balls when you level up, but certain levels give you more exciting things.

When you reach level 5 you unlock Gyms, Potions and Revives, and you get 10 Potions, 1 Incense and 10 Revives as well.

Level 8 unlocks the Razz Berry, along with 15 Poke Balls, 10 Potions, 5 Revives, 10 Razz Berry, 1 Lure Modulator.

Level 10 unlocks Super Potions, Level 12 unlocks Great Balls, Level 15 unlocks Hyper Potions, and level 20 unlocks Ultra Balls.

37. Be prepared for tough fights at high levels

Pokemon Go tips and tricks
Pokemon Go tips and tricks

The higher the level you achieve in Pokemon Go, the harder the game gets. A committed Pokemon Go player has shared their experiences of playing Pokemon Go at very high levels, proving just how hard this game can get.

This involves once easy-to-catch and low powered Pokemon now becoming incredibly hard to catch thanks to their high chance of evading capture. So you may end up having to use a large amount of Pokeballs to catch Pokemon at this level.

Each level increases the number of XP you need to move on to the level, and by level 30 you'll need 500,000 experience points to move on.

If you gained 100,000 experience points a day (no mean feat in itself), it would take you over a week to go from level 31 to 32. So, if you're playing Pokemon Go with an aim of levelling up fast, make sure you're prepared for a tough fight the higher up you climb in the level rankings.

38. Name your Eevee to determine its evolution

Pokemon Go tips and tricks guide
Pokemon Go tips and tricks guide

Eevee is a unique Pokemon that can evolve into three different Pokemon - Jolteon, an electric-type Pokemon, Vaporeon, a water-type, and Flareon, a fire-type.

It's been discovered that by naming your Eevee a certain way in Pokemon Go, you can control what it evolves into.

So, if you name your Eevee Sparky it will evolve into a Jolteon, if you name it Rainer, it turns into a Vaporeon and if you name it Pyro it will evolve into a Flareon.

We've tried this trick ourselves and it worked! This is a cool Easter egg, as the Eevee brothers from the Pokemon anime series were named Sparky, Rainer and Vaporeon.

39. Make a Pokemon your Favorite

Pokemon Go tips and tricks guide
Pokemon Go tips and tricks guide

You can now choose Pokemon to highlight as your Favorites. This essentially 'locks' the Pokemon so that you don't accidentally transfer them, or lose them.

It's a great way to make sure you don't lose any super rare Pokemon you have, and to select a Pokemon as a Favorite, load up the Pokemon Go app, press the Pokeball icon to open up the menu, select 'Pokemon', then tap on the Pokemon you want to add as a Favorite.

There will be an empty Star icon in the top-right corner of the screen. Tap it to fill in the Star icon - you've now saved that Pokemon as a Favorite.

40. Invest in a Pokemon Go Plus

Pokemon Go tips and tricks guide
Pokemon Go tips and tricks guide

Let's be honest, playing Pokemon Go is great, but not all of us can walk around with the app open all day - day jobs, a life and a finite battery source being just some of the obstacles standing in the way of accelerated Pokestardom. But there is a way to track notifications without having the app, and its name is Pokemon Go Plus .

The Pokeball-themed wearable is extremely difficult to get hold of at the moment (it's only available through the official Nintendo Store and waves of pre-orders are disappearing fast), but if you're in to Pokemon Go for the long haul this Bluetooth-enabled, US$34.99 (£34.99, around AU$46) priced gizmo is your best bet.

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